iFlow Reader was a iOS product from BeamItDown Software that revolutionized eReaders for both the iPhone and the iPad.  Offering an exclusive reading experience that enabled users to consume media faster and more efficiently as well as a suite of other tools and features that enabled reading to be a social experience, iFlow Reader was poised to take over the iOS playground.


Sadly, in early 2011, a move by Apple that blocked the sale of content from an app unless it was run through Apple’s In-App purchasing policy and the proliferance of the “agency model” made it impossible to continue business.  The US Department of Justice is now investigating collusion and price fixing for the major publishers and Apple, and will reach a verdict that will more than likely result in a slap on the wrist for these players.


iFlow Reader was a casualty of the war between Amazon and the publishers in abandoning the old model of selling books.  I was the UI/UX Director for iFlow reader, and designed/built all of the iFlow reader sites, microsites, application UI’s, and marketing material.