Roadmate Shoes

Road Mate Shoes’ mission is to not throw the term “quality” around loosely. While every other company claims quality footwear, we are determined to define quality by the function and performance of our work boots. Your feet carry the weight of your body day in and day out; let our functional shoes help with every task your feet encounters.

Odyssey Shoes Inc. was founded in the USA in 1994 as a family owned business and to this day is still family owned and operated. Odyssey Shoes Inc. is the home and exclusive distributor of Road Mate Shoes. Here at Odyssey Shoes Inc., we strive to deliver the best quality and functional boots by sourcing the highest quality raw materials and utilizing the world’s best manufacturers to offer our customers a product that rivals the world’s best.

This project was completed at Forge Web as a new face for Road Mate shoes & to bring online commerce to their company.

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