Serial Entreprenuer

I thrive in startup environments where fast paced development and quick on your feet thinking prevail. This is a recent list of companies that I have been involved with.

PTC transforms the way you create, connect, operate and service smart things and systems through the combination of our process know-how and best of breed capabilities, all delivered through a flexible platform.

ThingWorx, the centerpiece of PTC’s IoT technology portfolio, combines capabilities from PTC Axeda solutions to deliver the world’s first complete IoT Platform, which includes connectivity, device cloud, business logic, big data analytics and remote service applications. The combination delivers a disruptive suite of technology that enables companies to securely connect smart things, quickly create applications, and ultimately transform the value chain.

Thingworx was acquired in January of 2013 by PTC for $130M+ to bring the Internet of Things to their existing technology products. I now serve as the UX Director for the R&D group within PTC for IoT.

ThingWorx is the 1st Application Platform for the Connected World™ – one that combines the key functionality of Web 2.0, social media and Connected Intelligence™, and applies it to any process that involve things. ThingWorx is nothing less than revolutionary in its design and it will provide the disruptive change required to catalyze operational innovation creating a more efficient and sustainable world.

I am a member of the product development team and current hold the title of UI/UX Director. I am responsible for not only building interfaces that end users with interact with, but also building the tools that will enable others to do the same.

Rocketmix is a higher education platform for improving the student/teacher experience and a fresh look on merging the classroom experience with technology.

Rocketmix provided a platform for professors to author their own unique content as well as use pre-defined content into modules for their students to follow along with during the course of the semester. It was designed to work right alongside the lecture curriculum as to not attempt to replace classroom activities, but to augment it.

Significant analytics and student progress was reported to professors so they could adjust their classroom lectures to better serve their students and help them learn at a pace not before possible.

Rocketmix is used by over 10,000 students in several universities across the nation.

I am a partner in this project.

Pivotshare is a comprehensive content management and delivery platform designed for small and medium sized publishers and content creators.

Pivotshare allows you to easily distribute your digital media and maximize your income. We provide a managed infrastructure, application development, advertising and billing services. With Pivotshare, you can leverage our world class infrastructure and focus on creating compelling content.

I am a partner in this project and lead the UI/UX development of the product client and portal as well as the mobile applications. I am also the resident “web guy.”

Forge Web is a full service Orange County web design/user interface and marketing agency that creates award winning websites, web applications and marketing solutions.

Forge Web’s talented web design and marketing professionals have the experience to exceed your goals in diverse types of design and development projects including content management, ecommerce, search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

I was a founder and partner of Forge Web until this company was acquired in late 2011.

iFlow Reader was a software product from BeamItDown Software LLC for the iOS platform. Revolutionizing the eReader platform on iOS devices, iFlow Reader was a superior product to iBooks and the Amazon Kindle App. Sporting a new reader concept of “flowing” text and the removal of the “paging” concept, iFlow made it easy to do continuous reading in your favorite novels, techinical books, non-fiction, etc.

iFlow Reader was also online as a unique book buying experience on the web as well as a full featured touch-friendly bookstore from any iOS device including iPhone and iPad specific sites.

In early 2011, iFlow reader was abruptly ended due to questionable actions taken by Apple which are currently under investigation by the US Department of Justice. Collusion and price fixing are among the charges being brought against Apple and the major publishers that joined into the “agency” model that had a large part in destroying any revenue potential of the iFlow Reader.

I was a partner and UI/UX Director for this project.