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Who is Brandon Hahr?

I am a creative professional specializing in web technologies and user-centric design.  With a background in numerous agencies and technology startups, I pride myself on speed, efficiency, high-output, and determination to building some of the web’s most dazzling interfaces and consumer facing content.

Rooted in a history of web design, complicated UI/UX challenges, and a passion for elegance in the form of functional design, I have had the privilege of being part of some fabulous teams including the one (Forge Web LLC)  that was acquired by my current employer in November of 2011.

I am a front-end HTML5/CSS3 ninja with an exceptional knowledge of Javascript, Jquery, and numerous other JS libraries & frameworks.  Not only am I able to build beautiful sites and application interfaces, but also implement and execute.

I am also a skilled mobile application’s front-end developer versed with the iOS platform and Android and hybrid applications.


A new father, avid road & mountain biker, surfer, auto enthusiast and technology aficionado.

Serial Entrepreneur

Ideas come and go and even the great ones go unnoticed.  But execution and vision are the keys to a successful business.  I’m after projects that can become real businesses that provide real value.  No unicorns here please.

hours to master your craft

Guns for Hire.

I’m not an agency.  I’m also not your average freelancer.  I am passionate about designing and developing truly great interfaces. I want to work with you if your’e going to meet me halfway and make your project kick some ass.



Mastery of front end execution including CSS3 animation, video & responsive development.

JQuery & Javacript

The front end developer’s toolbox for web app development and snazzy web interfaces.


One of the web’s premiere and most widely used JS frameworks.  Working knowledge of building web apps with this framework.


The best hybrid mobile framework in existence.  Mastery of this technology and goes hand in hand with Angular.

UX Wireframing

Mastery of UX Concepts as it pertains to website and application design.  Tools include Axure, Balsamiq and Illustrator.


Over 10+ years of design experience building high end websites, applications, microsites and e-commerce solutions.

Self Managed

Setting proper expectations, and providing on-time delivery.  No need for micro-managing here.

Tradeoff Analysis

Providing clear technology tradeoffs so that business decisions can be made with all the cards in play.

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Freelance Design, Development with a sprinkle of Genius.